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2017 News Archives
Holy Trinity hosts Pan-Orthodox Vespers and Seminar - 03/28/17

Available in Serbian and English

Sunday of Orthodoxy Observance - 03/27/17

Greater Philadelphia Pan-Orthodox Lenten Vespers - 03/27/17

Мироточива икона у Елизабету "Умекшање злих срца" - 03/24/17

First Canonical visit of Bishop Irinej to St. George in Lorain, OH - 03/24/17

Великопосно Вечерње у Манастиру Св.Марка - 03/23/17

Bishop Irinej visits his flock in Philadelphia - 03/23/17

Cleveland Deanery Presanctified Liturgy in Youngstown - 03/23/17

Available in Serbian and English

Недеља Православља у Њујорку - 03/22/17

St. George Church-Carmichaels Subject of Conference Presentation - 03/22/17

Divine Liturgy and Memorial Service in Cleveland - 03/21/17

Available in Serbian and English

Lenten Vespers in Youngstown - 03/21/17

Cleveland Deanery Presanctified Liturgy - 03/20/17

Available in Serbian and English

Lenten Vesper Service and Lecture by Fr. Isak Kisin - 03/20/17

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Akron - 03/19/17

A Grand Celebration of the Church Slava in Miami - 03/17/17

Lenten Vespers held by the Clergy Brotherhood of Tampa Bay - 03/16/17

Sunday of Orthodoxy Central Concelebration - 03/14/17

Canton faithful travel to New York for Lenten Retreat - 03/14/17

Gala Fundraiser for St. Vladimir's Seminary - 03/13/17

On April 30th, St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in North Canton will host a Gala Fundraising event to benefit St. Vladimir's Seminary in New York.

Ђакон Јован Аничић - нови доктор теологије - 03/13/17

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Cleveland - 03/12/17

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Atlanta - 03/11/17

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Canton - 03/10/17

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Philadelphia - 03/07/17

Presanctified Liturgy at New Marcha Monastery - 03/07/17

Orthodoxy Clergy Brotherhood of Greater Philadelphia Celebrates Sunday of Orthodoxy - 03/07/17

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Lorain - 03/07/17

Recognition of Service to God: Celebrating Father Petar Petrović’s 40+ Years of Work in the Church - 03/07/17

Available in Serbian and English

Bishop Irinej attends Luncheon honoring Syrian Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II - 03/04/17

Available in Serbian and English

Kolo Slava in Clearwater - 03/04/17

Presanctified Liturgy at Saint Mark Monastery - 03/02/17

Diocesan Assembly on Fletcher Tweet and Orthodox Church Blog - 03/01/17

30th Anniversary of St Sava School of Theology - 03/01/17

St Sava Academy's Future Home - 03/01/17

Select "more information" to go directly the St Sava Academy building fund website.

St. Elijah in Warren, OH Hosts Cleveland Deanery Lenten Vespers - 02/28/17

 Available in Serbian and English

Прослава храмовне славе Св. Симеона Мироточивог у Шарлоту, Северна Каролина - 02/28/17

Tradesmen Slava in Clearwater - 02/28/17

St. Sava Celebration and Archpastoral Visit - 02/26/17

The Discipline of Fasting - 02/26/17

Parish and Monastery Celebrations of Orthodoxy Sunday - 02/24/17

Available in Serbian and English

Resolutions of the Annual Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America - 02/24/17

Митрополит Христофор: Неизмењена српска душа - 02/22/17

Available in Serbian and English

Patriarch of Constantinople, Archbishop of Canterbury sign joint declaration on slavery - 02/22/17

Two Altars in my Life - 02/20/17

First Assembly of Eastern Diocese under Leadership of Bishop Irinej - 02/17/17

Sts. Sebastian and Mardarije Orthodox Institute - Day Two - 02/16/17

Sts. Sebastian and Mardarije Orthodox Institute - Day One - 02/15/17

Патријарх началствовао празничним сабрањем у Милтону - 02/15/17

Available in English and Serbian

Beginning of St Mardarije and St Sebastian Institute - 02/14/17

St Sava Celebration in Lebanon, PA - 02/13/17

St Sava Celebration in North Canton, OH - 02/12/17

Our Orthodox Public Witness - 02/06/17

Read more out about the 2017 Diocesan Assembly thematic speakers Dr. Aristotle Papanikolaou and Dr. Elizabeth H. Prodromou.

Metropolitan Tikhon, Bishop Irinej visit St. Vladimir’s Seminary - 02/05/17

Портландска парохија прославила је Савиндан у суботу 28.јануара 2017.године. - 02/04/17

St Sava in Carmichaels - 02/03/17

The St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania celebrates St. Sava every year with the Divine Liturgy, Slava Kolach and Koljivo, dinner and program.

Фолклорна група “Опанчићи” прославила своју Славу Светог Саву - 02/03/17

Available in English and Serbian

Прослава Светог Саве у Њујорку - 02/03/17

Available in English and Serbian

Светосавска Академија 2017 - 02/03/17

Са благословом Његовог Преосвештенства Епископа источноамеричког Г. Иринеја, у Јангстауну је у суботу, 28. јануара 2017. године, одржана прва Светосавска Академија при парохијском храму Свете Тројице(Raccoon Road).

St Sava Celebration in Philadelphia - 02/02/17

On January 29th 2017 St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church of Greater Philadelphia Pa. held it’s annual Sveti Sava, Church school Slava celebration.

St Sava Celebration in Cincinnati - 02/02/17

On Sunday January 29, 2017, parishioners at Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church in Cincinnati Ohio celebrated one of most joyous slavas for Serbs throughout the world, Saint Sava Day.

St Sava Celebration in Youngstown - 02/02/17

The annual Saint Sava celebration was held at Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church in Youngstown, Ohio on January 29th.

Изложба „Јасеновац – право на незаборав” отворена у Америци - 02/01/17

St Sava Celebration in Boston - Boston Elevated to a Cathedral Church - 02/01/17

Истина о Јасеновцу – Скривени Холокауст – Право на Незаборав - 01/31/17

Епископ Иринеј: Најважније што је истина о Јасеновцу представљена свету - 01/31/17

Eastern Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood of Greater Philadelphia Celebrates the Great Blessing of Waters by the Schuylkill River. - 01/31/17

Lifeline Fundraiser in Pittsburgh - 01/30/17

Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic and Princess Katherine will be the honored guests on Friday, April 21st, the first Friday after Pascha at Pittsburgh’s American Serbian Club, when the Tri-State Area Committee of the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization holds its fifth annual fundraiser for Serbian orphans and children in need.

Blessing of the Monongahela River - 01/28/17

Carmichaels, PA - Since 1999 parishioners from St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, PA have traveled to the  Monongahela River for the annual river blessing. 

Archbishop Demetrios of America at Presidential Inauguration - 01/26/17



St Sava Celebration in New York City - 01/23/17

Serbian Royals honored in New York City - 01/22/17

New York City, NY - On Thursday, January 17th, 2017 His Grace Bishop Irinej of Eastern America hosted a gathering in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth, who was visiting from Belgrade, together with the Executive Officer of the Princess’ Serbian Foundation, Mr Dragan Babic. 

Annual Blessing of the Monongahela River - 01/21/17

Fairmont, WV - The Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Mission Annual River Blessing of the Monongahela River at the time of Theophany was held in Fairmont, West Virginia on Saturday, January 21, 2017 following the Divine Liturgy. At the conclusion of the service at the riverside, a cross crafted by Sonia Janson was placed in the river.

Прва канонска посета Његовог Преосвештенства Епископа источноамеричког Господина Иринеја Цркви Светог првомученика и архиђакона Стефа - 01/18/17

Nativity Celebrations from around the Eastern Diocese - 01/07/17

**Updated 1/17/2017**

Бадњи Дан, 6. јануар 2017 / 24. децембар 2016. - 01/06/17

Оци у Патерсону - 01/05/17

The Living Church Remains Undamaged - 01/01/17

An exclusive invterview with Protojerej-Stavrophor Dr. Zivojin Jakovljevic, Dean of St. Sava Cathedral, New York City by Vesna Pumpalovic, Balkan Express

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