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The beautiful chapel dedicated to St. Nikodim is a symbol of unity for the Eastern American Diocese. Prayers are offered in the chapel on a regular basis for the well-being of the holy churches of God. In Bishop NIKOLAI’s Prologue From Ochrid, St.Nikodim was linked to St. Sava by his presence at Hilandar Monastery on the Holy Mountain. Similarly, the believers of the Eastern American Diocese are spiritual descendents of St. Sava. The Faith of St. Sava is kept and promulgated in the St. Nikodim Chapel.
Love for Jesus Christ is present in the chapel. The Holy Gospel is located in a place of honor upon the Altar Table.

Images of the Mother of God and various feasts adorn the chapel.
The place of the Mother of God in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ summons us to always remember her contributions. She has impacted the centuries.
Many individuals have worked hard to contribute to the establishment of the chapel. The donations forming the foundation for its creation and continuing to support its existence represent the love and faith of many believers. The St. Nikodim Chapel is a candle burning brightly in the Diocese. It is in continuous use. All parishes are linkedto the chapel by prayer. Serbian Orthodox Christians throughout the Diocese can incorporate this chapel into their identity.

The Divine Liturgy celebrated at the St. Nikodim Chapel is a call for believers to the Kingdom of God. The journey to the Kingdom of God requires constant vigilance, unceasing prayer, reading of Holy Scripture, fasting, and almsgiving. Sinfulness must be faced and conquered with God’s help.

Everyone can continue to grow in Christ. The war against stagnancy is is constant. Jesus Christ is ever present to take each believer to the next level of Christian growth.

Orthodox Christianity is relatively new in America. The oldest parish in the Diocese is slightly more than a century old. Many centuries have passes since Jesus Christ walked the earth. It is difficult for the mind to comprehend the time passing since Moses and Elijah, Noah, Adam and Eve were upon the earth.

Believers must work to appreciate the history leading to the creation of the St. Nikodim Chapel and parishes in the Diocese.

The Christian witness of believers in the Diocese was formed through centuries of witness, martyrdom, evangelism and sacrifice. Known and unknown saints helped to shape time and communities. It is humbling to wrestle with the notion of centuries. The grace and light of Jesus Christ help believers come to terms with the present and to be at peace.

In the Gospel of St. Matthew, Jesus commissioned the disciples to go forth to all nations and make disciples of all nations, baptizing in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (Mt.28:19). Believers in the Diocese are beneficiaries of Christ’s commission. Love for Christ and joy in being called Christian should be manifested in daily life.

St. Nikodim was an ascetic. He chose the richness of pursuing the life in Christ. His saintly life continues to bring abundance to the world.

Throughout the year, the minds of Orthodox believers can travel to the St.Nikodim Chapel



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