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Clearwater, FL - The Kolo Sisters had their Slava on Sunday Feb. 21, 2016 at St. George Church. The Slava is Sretenje Gospodnje (Presentation of Jesus at the Temple).

  In Eastern tradition, it is often called The Meeting of Our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ, because the hymns emphasize the incarnate God, the Lord Jesus Christ, meeting with his people, Israel, in the persons of the Prophet Simeon and the Prophetess Anna.

In the Gospel of Luke 2:22-35, Mary and Joseph took the infant Christ to the Temple in Jerusalem. He was received in the arms of the elder Simeon, who then prayed, "Now let Thy servant depart in peace... for I have seen Thy salvation." This was one of the things that Mary "pondered in her heart"—the fact that others recognized that her Son was the Messiah. (Excerpts from OrthodoxWiki)

Divine Liturgy was served by Father Milan Stojanovic, Father Jovan Todorovic, Father Peter Tutko, Father Radomir Ckautovic, Father Vladislav Radujkovic and Father Dragan.  It was a wonderful afternoon at the church hall for the celebration after Divine Liturgy where the ziti and kola were blessed. I love seeing The Kolo sisters along with Chef Sinisa prepared a most delicious luncheon for all to enjoy. Slava Hosts were Sladjana and Sinisa Veselinovic and family with Vesna and Dane Jovanovic accepting for next years Slava. Family, friends and Kumovi had an enjoyable afternoon celebrating the Kolo Slava.

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