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Cincinnati, OH - On May 1, 2016 parishioners of Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church celebrated Easter Sunday, one of the most joyous and significant feast days for Christians. Very Reverend Petar Petrovic began Divine Liturgy at 10:30 am, and the Saint George choir sang responses under the direction of Nancy Helbich. At the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, Fr. Petar blessed the dozens of colored Easter eggs that parishioners brought to church from their homes, and joyfully proclaimed to the whole congregation, “Christos Vaskrese!” to which the entire church of people resounded, “Voistinu Voskrese!” Fr. Petar welcomed all the faithful to venerate the Holy Resurrection icon and Cross, and along with KSS president Dr. Jasmina Jovic, greeted everyone with “Christ is Risen” and handed out Easter eggs and Naphora.

After Divine Liturgy everyone waited outside on this beautiful sunny day, as Fr. Petar came out into the church yard, once again singing the prayer, “Christos Voskrese”. Fr. Petar led all the children to hunt for Easter eggs which contained gifts that were donated by Igor and Diana Fisic, along with their children. The egg hunt was coordinated by Gordana Uverici and Nevenka Sajkovic. Signs for the egg hunt were created by “Upallnite Printing”, which is owned by Dusan and Lidija Petrovic. Delicious barbecue was also prepared by George Popescu. The hardworking circle of Serbian sisters of St. George prepared a most delicious banquet lunch which included refreshments, salads, entrees and desert. Also Fr. Petar kept with Serbian tradition and prepared a barbequed lamb for everyone to enjoy. This was a very blessed day for the Saint George parish and was able to be enjoyed through the hard work and dedication of the Circle of Serbian Sisters and the generous donations of those mentioned in this article. Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Article by Joshua Savage

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