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Carmichaels, PA - The Eighteenth Annual Vidovdan program was held at St.George Serbian Orthodox Church in a Carmichaels, Pennsylvania on June 26, 2016.  Every year the parish has a dinner and program to solemnly and prayerfully remember.

The lessons of Vidovdan are relevant today. Christian hardships, sacrifices and martyrdom for Christ educate and inspire believers. The martyrs of Kosovo shine the light of Christ through the centuries.

Parishioners gathered for the dinner and program in the church hall following the  Divine Liturgy. Members of the Executive Board addressed the need to continue to remember and expressed appreciation for the attendees.

The poetry and writings associated with Kosovo puts a historical Christian perspective on Vidovdan. Attendees at this observance each year listen intently as readers communicate with deep feeling and reverence from the heart.

Parishioners have become familiar with writings and poetry which portray the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. The loss of life and the commitment to Christ is renewed in hearts and minds with each yearly reading.

Kosovo continues to be in the daily news. The daily conflict between being faithful to Christ or denying Christ for expediency is always relevant. Being a Christian in the face of peril is an important reminder.

Studying the lessons of Kosovo is a basis for believers to examine the depth of personal faith in Christ. The world is changing quickly. Christians distant from Kosovo need to learn the lessons and draw strength from the examples.

St. Nikolai of Serbia has written about Vidovdan. Serbian poetry has vividly described the impact of the loss of life. Love and concern are communicated through artful and well-crafted words.

Each year some new people attend this observance at St. George Church. They leave with a different understanding of Serbian Orthodox Christians. Every person attending contributes to the value of the observance.  

Thank God for the faithful of St. George Church participating each year.

Thank God for parishioners and visitors taking the time to remember and refresh the account of the sacrifices and martyrdom.

The annual Vidovdan program is a learning experience. It is a time of thanksgiving. Being a Christian is not always easy. It is important to remember and to learn from faithful having given their all for Christ.

Article by Father Rodney Torbic

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