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On the Second Sunday of Great Lent, the parish of Sveti Nikola in Philadelphia was blessed with a visit from His Grace Bishop Irinej. The beautiful children of Sveti Nikola parish greeted him with the traditional flowers, and sang "Oce Nas" and the responses during Holy Communion.

His Grace Bishop Irinej edified all with his sermon on the Great Lent fasting period and the teachings of St. Gregory Palamas, to whom the second Sunday of Great Lent is dedicated in the Orthodox tradition.  

He took time to visit the church school, talk with the children and teachers, an take a group photo.  Following the luncheon, which the ladies of Sveti Nikola worked hard to prepare, he held a meet-and-greet for all.

The children then performed part of their folklore presenation to the delight of all present.  It was a beautiful day and spiritually uplifting day for the Serbian community of Philadelphia.

Many thanks to all who helped plan, organize, and coordinate food for this event.  Without such stewards of the church, beautiful events like this would not be possible.  Many thanks also to His Grace Bishop Irinej who came to greet our community - he is a true pastor and spiritual leader to our community and we look forward to many future visits to our parish.

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