Joyful Initiative at St. Elijah Church-Aliquippa

The church hall at St. Elijah Serbian Orthodox Church in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania was filled with a healthy spirit and energy on Saturday evening, November 17, 2018.

Father Branislav Golic scheduled the Night of Networking. Sixty young adults, many of them with young children responded to the invitation. Some of the attendees drove a great distance.

The newly refurbished and child-safe nursery served as a warm welcome.

Refreshments were plentiful. Father Branislav and Popadija Dragana heartily greeted the attendees.

Father Branislav described the evening as a time for him to listen and benefit from the thoughts, needs and interests of the young adults present. He wanted to know their ideas, needs and thoughts about the parish

Father Seraphim Ron Moslener, Director of FOCUS West Central PA spoke at the request of Father Branislav about the continued services and caring work for the needy in the Beaver County and Lawrence County areas.

The West Central Pa FOCUS began as part of the FOCUS Pittsburgh and provides backpack feeding, meals, and a food pantry. FOCUS has centers in other parts of the United States. Volunteers and contributions are always needed.

Dayanna Volitich a volunteer with West Central FOCUS described her growing participation in the program and the deep meaning and satisfactions she  has experienced.

The evening included four Breakout Sessions concentrating on: Topic #1-Fellowship: Creating a Community; Topic #2-Stewardship: F.O.C.U.S, Community Service and Outreach; Topic # 3-Our Youth: Expectations; and Topic #4-What Can You Contribute?

Breakout moderators included; Samantha Baldwin, Kristen Milanovic, Ashley August, Andy Muha, Robert Marshall, Michael Volitich, Dan August, Scott Newton and Mike Milanovich.

The discussions generated a multitude of ideas and suggestions filling charts on the church hall walls for all to think about more extensively. Each participant was asked to vote on the priorities.

This was a refreshing and healthy step of renewal and invigoration. Further steps toward parish growth are anticipated as a direct result. A sense of joyful participation filled the air throughout the evening.

Article by Father Rodney Torbic

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