The Blessing of ZOE Women’s Center

Saturday, December 8, 2018, was an auspicious day in the history of ZOE for Life! On that day, His Eminence Metropolitan Savas of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Pittsburgh, together with His Grace Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America, came together with local clergy to bless the newly created ZOE Women’s Center.  

The facility at 5454 State Road in Parma, Ohio, has been leased by ZOE for Life!, and used for three years to host ZOE House, where single parents and families in distress are cared for and lifted up by Christ filled volunteers. Under the guidance of Board Member and Executive Director Kathleen Kovalak, through the generosity of many across the country, parents are provided with many of the material goods necessary to create safe and healthy homes for their children. More than 600 clients visit ZOE House each year to receive much needed support at absolutely no cost to them.

Architect Michael Tabeling provided the design to subdivide the location to include ZOE Women’s Center, pro bono. Thanks in large part to the generosity of Jason and Angelique Berry, ZOE Women’s Center became a reality. A state of the art ultrasound machine was purchased through the generous support of The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem.  

George Thomas, D.O., has volunteered to serve as Medical Director.  Radiologist, Craig George, M.D., has volunteered to read the ultrasound scans. Under the direction of Dr. Thomas, abortion minded and abortion vulnerable women will receive reliable medical information regarding their pregnancy, and when indicated, an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and its viability.  

His Eminence Metropolitan Savas and His Grace Irinej concelebrated the blessing of the new ZOE Women’s Center, sprinkled it with Holy Water brought from the River Jordan, and anointed its walls with Holy Oil from the Monastery of the Holy Ascension outside of Jerusalem. Following homilies delivered by both hierarchs on the meaning of the blessing and of the good work of ZOE itself, His Grace, Bishop Irinej also blessed everyone present with the Holy Oil as well. An Open House with Lenten refreshments followed the ceremony.

Our beloved Hierarchs, together with our reverend clergy, joined together to bless this new ministry of ZOE for Life!, so that through His Guidance, we may broaden the scope of support offered to our sisters and brothers in Christ, sharing His love in a tangible way, thereby empowering them to make decisions everyone can live with by sustaining life itself. 

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