Third Week of Camp - Shadeland

After a wonderful Saturday night spent in Pittsburgh at the SNF 3 Day celebration, the counselors were ready for yet another week of Shadeland camp to begin.


We were happy to welcome over twenty first-year campers. The excitement was evident as these young children experienced the beauty of our Saint Sava campgrounds for the first time.

The week was led by spiritual fathers V. Rev. Fr. Dragoslav Kosic, Rev. Fr. Branislav Golic, and V. Rev. Fr. Christopher Rocknage.

The children were very engaged during religion class and participated in music and kolo class as well.


The Monday night dunk tank was successful yet again as campers lined up to dunk their favorite counselors, cheering as the counselors fell into the ice cold water. The Wednesday night karaoke was a huge success and the campers loved as Father Branislav sang karaoke with them. The children also enjoyed playing a game of pickup soccer during free time with Father Dragoslav. After two days of beautiful weather where the kids enjoyed swimming and boating during free time, everyone was beyond excited for the beloved Waldameer park. Campers all put on their bright orange shirts and represented Shadeland camp while having an amazing time. The Friday night dance was full of energy as the campers danced kolo throughout the night.


The week ended with lots of smiles and plenty of promises to return next year for even more fun at the beloved Shadeland camp. 

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