Kolo Federation Celebrates Slava in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The Federation of the Circle of Serbian Sisters for the Eastern American Diocese celebrated the patronal feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God at St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


With the Archpastoral Blessing and presence of His Grace Bishop IRINEJ, Bishop of Eastern America, the celebration was held on August 28, the Feast of the Dormition.


His Grace Bishop IRINEJ officiated at the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with fourteen priests and one deacon. Host priest was Very Reverend Father Milan Dragovic. 

Very Reverend Stavrophor Rade Merick, Dean of the Pittsburgh Deanery, was the senior officiating priest. Very Reverend Dragan Goronjic, Dean of the Cleveland Deanery was among the priests participating. Archpriest Andrej Aleksejev and Archpriest George Johnson from the Orthodox Church in America participated. Sister Anastasia from Monastery Marcha was in attendance.


During the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, His Grace offered an eloquent sermon on the Mother of God and her Dormition. His Grace spoke of the love of the Mother of God, the Kolo Federation and the mothers in our lives.

During the Divine Liturgy, the living and departed members of the Kolo Federation and St. Nicholas parish priests of blessed memory, Proto Stavrophor Radisa Purich and Proto Stavrophor Dr. Nedeljko Grgurevich were remembered.


The Slava Kolac (Festal Bread and Kolivo (Memorial Wheat) were blessed as the Divine Liturgy neared the conclusion. Kristina Marinkovich was the honorned Kuma, the Honored Hostess, for the celebration.


Millie Radovick, Kolo President and Dee Dee Baskot,Vice-President were accompanied by Federation officers present for the cutting of the Slava Kolac. All faithful in attendance joined together in this moment of great joy. “Mnogaj Ljeta-Many Years “  were intoned and sung for the Kolo Federation and Kolo members as well as Kuma Kristina.


The Circle of Serbian Sisters from St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in  Cleveland, Ohio graciously accepted to host the Federation Slava in 2020. St. Sava Cathedral is His Grace’s home parish.


The festal banquet was held in the beautifully decorated parish hall where all were welcomed. Speakers at the banquet included KSS President Millie Radovick, Host priest Father Milan Dragovic, Kuma Kristina Marinkovich, KSS Spiritual Advisor-Father Djordje Veselinovich, St. Nicholas Executive Board President Eli Cvijanovich, St. Nicholas-Johnstown- KSS President Patricia Neal, and St. Nicholas-Monroeville-KSS President Pam Matejevich and His Grace Bishop IRINEJ.


Father Milan Dragovic was recognized and honored by the Johnstown KSS with a special cake on this occasion. This was the fourteenth Anniversary of Father Milan’s ordination. All joined in singing Mnoga Ljeta! - God grant him many years!


Gratitude was expressed to His Grace Bishop IRINEJ, the celebrating clergy, the Kolo Federation, the host Kolo and all attending Kolos. This celebration was very well attended from throughout western Pennsylvania and Ohio. The St. Nicholas KSS was a wonderful host.  God blessed this day abundantly.


Father Rodney Torbic

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