KSS Diocesan Slava

The St Sava Cathedral of Parma Ohio was blessed to hold the KSS Diocesan Slava today, Dormition of the Theotokos.


Although it was a bit different due to Covid with missing our Bishop and KSS sisters from other cities/states a beautiful Slava was held.
The fragrance was overwhelming as you entered the church.

Beautiful flowers and rosemary were not only colorful but fragrant as well that adorned the icon on the Tetrapod table. Honored Kuma was Mrs. Stanka Nikolic.  Congratulations to our Kuma Stanka who is also our KSS Sveta Petka President.

It was beautiful to see so many attend this Slava and honor our Kuma.  She is always active in our Cleveland community and first to volunteer whenever help is needed for our church.

Cathedral Dean Fr Dragoslav Kosić Concelebrated with Hieromonk Nektarije (Tešanović), V. Rev. Rade Merrick and Father Deacon Milan Damljanović with altar assistant Mr Mike Kowalczyk.

Our church is blessed today as we have the Dormition Shroud of the Bogorodica for this holiday and this upcoming year.

It is most radiant and and we are truly blessed to have venerated it today for this Slava.

A beautiful Liturgy was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.


Srecna Slava!

Deaconess Mira Damljanović

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