On the 6th Sunday of Great Lent, when our Holy Church celebrates the triumphant Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem, and at the doorstep of Holy Week, the faithful of the Pittsburgh Deanery gathered together for an evening prayer at the Saint Elijah Serbian Orthodox Church in Aliquippa.


The clergy in attendance were: Very Reverend Protopresbyter-Stavrophor Rade Merick, Episcopal Deputy, Very Reverend Protopresbyter George Veselinovic, Dean of the Pittsburgh Deanery, Very Reverend Protopresbyters-Stavrophore Stevo Rocknage, Dr. Rodney Torbic, Rajko Kosic, Very Reverend Protopresbyters Rumen Stojcev, Dejan Barac, Reverend Economos Sasa Nedic, Reverend Presbyters Stefan Djoric and Dragan Vukovic, and the host priest, Reverend Economos Branislav Golic. The Saint Elijah Church Choir, directed by Mr. George Milosh, sang the responses.


The faithful from almost all parishes of the Pittsburgh Deanery were in attendance. At the end of the Lenten Vesper service, the host priest, Fr. Branislav Golic delivered a sermon. He spoke on the importance of living in the present as opposed to constantly being stuck in the past or always being concerned about the future. Today, Fr. Branislav noted, is the only time for action! Worrying about the past leads to depression and being troubled about the future leads to anxiety. In the rich spiritual tradition of our Orthodox Church and the experience of the holy fathers, we can find real-life testimonies that the solution to these two concerns is being constantly present before Christ, distancing ourselves from depression and anxiety.


Following the lecture, all of the clergy and the faithful in attendance proceeded to the cultural Center where a Lenten dinner was prepared and served by the St Elijah Parish auxiliary organizations.


All of the faithful of the Pittsburgh Deanery are grateful to God and His Grace Bishop Irinej for the opportunity to meet again for the Great-Lenten Vespers after two long years of social, but not spiritual distancing.

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