Week Two of St. Sava Camp at Shadeland, PA began on July 17th, 2022, with the arrival of campers from across the USA and Canada, including campers from as far as Arizona, Kansas and Florida.


Coming around the bend and seeing the church and camp after so much time away was an emotional moment for campers, parents and volunteers alike. The past few years have kept us apart, but it was incredible seeing old friends reuniting and new friendships being forged.


While it did rain a bit the first couple days, it didn't put a damper on the fun and learning. The counselors did a wonderful job keeping the campers entertained and busy in the A-Building and under the Pavilion, with kolo dance lessons, crafts, religion and music.


As the week went on, we saw many of the campers fall back in love with the camp. For those returning to Week Four, the week back at home will no doubt be filled with plans and discussion of the coming week.  


The rain stopped and the sun shone down on the rest of Week Two with many blessings. Bowling was a highlight as always, and Waldameer Day was a perfect 82 degrees and sunny. The children returned to the camp with tired eyes, rosy cheeks and many memories to cherish.


We are grateful to the unwavering dedication of Camp Leadership Teta Millie, Teta Dee Dee, Teta Marija. Your passion for this camp has not diminished in the slightest in the years that have passed since we last saw each other.


Thank you to Father Milan Pajic, Father Dragoslav Kosic and Father Dragan Vukovic for leading the children in prayer. Your guidance and leadership have inspired the children to further their knowledge the Orthodox Religion and taught them to demonstrate their respect of this camp, volunteers, counselors and each other through both words and actions. Camp Co-Director Father Bojan Banovic visited the children for a couple of days and his presence and dedication to this camp is appreciated.


We are grateful to the many volunteers that dedicated their time to the maintenance and operations of the camp. The crew of women from Detroit, Windsor, Arizona, Kansas, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago & New York worked tirelessly in the kitchen under the direction of Week Two's Head “Kitchen Mama”, Julie Djuric. Just as our souls were full with love and friendship, so were our bellies full with delicious and nutritious food.


There was much work to be done in and around the camp and church. The 3 Windsor Dads, Pete Chuk, Donovan Tremblay, Dragan Joksic went above and beyond in their dedication and love of this camp. In addition to their regular duties, they could be seen from morning until night completing extensive repairs and maintenance throughout camp and church:


  • Edged all sidewalks
  • Powerwashed all sidewalks & pool deck
  • Trimmed trees & bushes
  • A-Building Repairs & Maintenance: Cleaned & unclogged gutters, scrubbed mold from front of building, fix screen door, scrubbed railing, installed screen on back of Shadeland sign to deter birds from nesting, repaired exhaust fan, reattach ceiling tiles,
  • Church Repairs & Maintenance: Clean moss off brick window ledges, vacuumed carpet, cleaned handrail, pulled weeds, clean spider webs on walls and ceiling
  • Misc Repairs & Maintenance: Re-caulked windows in vintage bathroom, Restrung fishing rods (Jovo Keca), fix girls’ washroom, clean AC filters,
  • Golf cart repairs: golf cart roof repair, air in tires, fixed gear selector, sourced new key to be cut
  • Window repairs & maintenance throughout: Fixed screens, washed all windows, church windows inside and out, recalked windows in vintage bathroom


The extraordinary team of counselors were led by Week Two's Head Counselor, Stana Topich. These young people should be congratulated for their leadership, patience and unwaveringly positive attitude. They are excellent role-models to the campers, and their love of this camp shines through all they do.


We look forward to Week Three and Week Four, the Shadeland Most Holy Mother of God Monastery Estate Slava and the end of the Camp Season celebration. Join us for Divine Liturgy and Picnic on Saturday August 6th. Our 4th Week Campers will be performing, music entertainment to follow.

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